Man scores date with dream woman he locked eyes with at traffic lights after appeal

Hopeless romantic Martin Baker, 41, may have found love after ‘Mrs Right’ came forward, following his public appeal for the mystery blonde driver he locked eyes with while driving through Grimsby

A man’s quest for romance has edged forward – after his public appeal for a mysterious blonde woman he locked eyes with at the traffic lights.

The driver came forward following “hopeless romantic” Martin Baker’s sweet appeal went viral – and now the pair are set to meet.

Carer Martin from north Hull, spoke to Hull Live in his quest to meet the stranger he felt a connection with while stuck in traffic in Grimsby.

The 41-year-old said he hoped to reignite the “spark” he felt after exchanging looks with the blue BMW driver.

Now his dream has become a reality, after the woman sending an email to the Hull paper, describing the fateful moment she locked eyes with Martin in Peaks Parkway.

Calling herself “Mrs Right” in her email, the woman wrote: “Hi. I do drive a bright blue BMW and I am blonde. I did have a brief encounter with a guy at the traffic lights on Peaks Parkway.

“I was in the left-hand lane and he was in the lane next to me as the lights turned to green I looked across and smiled as we carried on along Peaks Parkway he then turned off to head into B&Q.”

Following his public appeal yesterday, some critics branded the 41-year-old a “stalker”, prompting him to hit back, as he blasted: “I ain’t a creep”.

Luckily his potential Mrs Right, dubbed the “girl next door” by Martin, appears unbothered by the public furore.

With her recollection of events corresponding to his, Martin believes it’s her and now plans to get in touch with her to arrange their first date together.

While he usually opts for active dates like walking and climbing, Martin says he would opt to take the stranger from the traffic lights for a romantic meal, if circumstances allow for it.

Martin, who admits he is an “old-school romantic”, said he would love to see her again and see if they share the initial spark he felt.

He said: “I would like to say to her ‘let’s let the lights go green for us and see what happens’.”

His public appeal also prompted a number of other women get in touch with him asking for a date. Now Martin has promised to keep readers up to date with how things go.

In the past, he admits he hasn’t been so bold in his approach to romance, adding: “I would never just walk up to a girl and ask her out.

“The only time I have ever done it was years ago, and she became my girlfriend. I am not very confident around women, it’s hard to know if you’re saying the right thing.

“In this instance, I just thought why not? Why not put myself out there? There’s a beautiful woman smiling at me and I should take the chance.

“I’d hate to see this pass without trying to find her. I would regret it if I didn’t take the chance. I would say she was around the early

thirties. Age is just a number to me though, it’s all about the connection.

“I’m definitely all for romance. With my ex-girlfriend, I surprised her and filled a whole room with rose petals. I like doing stuff like that.”

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