We do not care’ says self-confessed 44-year-old cougar and ‘stud’ boyfriend, 28

TikTok star Julie is a self-confessed cougar and regularly lists the perks of dating an older woman on her social media pages, and she doesn’t care when people say she’s too old for her boyfriend

A self-confessed 44-year-old cougar has filmed a video with her ‘stud muffin’ boyfriend who is 16 years younger than her saying ‘we not care’ when people say she’s too old for him.

TikTok star Julie is proud of her lifestyle, and her biography on the social media app, where she has 662,000 followers, even opens with ‘welcome to cougar town’.

She has uploaded many videos about her unusual dating preference, including one with the caption ‘why don’t you date men your own age’, and ‘reason #46 to date a cougar’.

Julie lists the benefits as ‘no drama, vacations, home-cooked food, lots of fun’, and has now teamed up with her ‘stud muffin’ boyfriend, who is 28, and they both said ‘we do not care’ when people say she is too old for him.

Many of Julie’s videos have received thousands of views and countless comments between them, and many TikTokers are divided over her lifestyle.

One user said: “A lot of people don’t understand why younger guys are dating older women, mine is eight years older than me.”

And a second said “not too old for me, baby”, while a third added: “I’m next, after you drop him.”

But another simply said: “Good Lord.”

In another video, Julie answers the question: “Why don’t you date men your own age?” and she said: “Because men my age want to date women half their age.”

She said that she is constantly asked if her boyfriend is her son, but the couple, who met on Bumble, insist they are more than happy in their relationship.

Julie believes in the lifestyle so much, that she wants to encourage others to give it a go – and said that TK Maxx is a good place for men to look for cougars.

Speaking on TikTok she added: “I definitely think that people think that a cougar has to be in her 50s or 60s to get that label, but my cougar friends and I kind of go by the ten year rule.

“If you are dating a man ten years or more younger than you, even if you’re 30 and you’re dating a 20-year-old, you’re a cougar.”

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